In order to grow and its associated products rapidly while maintaining the consistency users expect, we developed this style guide to house our UX patterns. The site demonstrates our reusable elements and presents code snippets for developers to copy, paste, use, and reuse.

The site also serves as a platform for vendors to reference our designs in order to customize their products for our needs. Visit the About our Standards section for a longer explanation of our goals for standardization.

This site is constantly evolving as new features are developed and become new standards.

  • January 2016
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I researched how other organizations are creating and publishing standards, and the way our own website is organized and standardized.

Ideate and Design

After developing a framework for organizing the information, I developed the template used and started expanding out standards element by element.


Our developers use this site constantly, and when they run into issues with the layout or organization, I brainstorm alternatives to make this tool as intuitive as possible for them to use.

Iterate and Refine

This site is evolving weekly, as refinements are made to existing content and new content is added.

The End Result!

Visit our UX Standards anytime!

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