Before this online form to capture member's contact information, the website only displayed the information we captured during the member's application process. To update it, members would have to fill out a form that was not connected to our database, but that was sent to our Action Center for manual entry into our data base. Needless to say, this resulted in many phone calls to the Action Center from confused or disgruntled individuals, as well as many hours of thier time spent on data entry.

This project was largely a technical challenge about understanding the ins-and-outs of our database's contact information collection process. It was also important to understand how ASHA uses contact information internally. The result is a user friendly form that allows for multiple entries to be curated by users so that they get the information they need through the mechanism they prefer.

  • September 2015
  • This application is behind our Login


Because this project was intended to curate and manage the data we currently kept, most of the research revolved around understanding our data and what we need to be able to do with it. I also reviewed other companies and products to see how they managed large sets of contact information.

Ideate and Design

Several iterations brought us to the final design; you can see the evolution in these wireframes.


  • Pageviews are up 21.72%
  • Sessions are up 13.46%
  • Average session duration is up 18.50%
  • Time ASHA has spent updating member contact information: 0 minutes.

The End Result!

The Contact Information Update module is only available behind out Login


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