One of the primary services ASHA provides is certification, a guarentee that the provider has gone through an application process, passed a qualifying exam, and maintains 30 hours of continuing education within a three year period for the duration of thier career.

This project involved redesigning the certification maintenance module of our website - the area in which certified members verify that they have completed 30 hours of continuing education within their three year interval. This multi-step process is set up to ensure authenticity of thier records, verify their standing with ASHA, and grant thier certification for the next three years. At the same time, this is a high-stakes process for members who are anxious to keep thier certification, and we want to make it as straightforward and clear as possible.

  • Coming soon (in progress)


Before embarking on this project, I learned from our Certification and Action Center Departments what the biggest problems were in the current system, and listened to calls from users trying to complete the current process in order to develop an understanding of the areas to focus on for improvement.

Ideate and Design

After learning about the issues members face during the process, I began sketching, wireframing, and ideating.


After developing an initial set of wireframes, I tested them with real members who were in the process of maintaining their certification this year. The results showed that while we were on the right track, there were holes and areas to improve the design.

Iterate and Refine

This work is still in progress, so the wireframes are still evolving. My markups of one small peice, the Record Keeping Form describe what it will look like Empty and Filled Out as development moves along. Check back in a few months to see screen shots of the final outcome!

The End Result!

The Certification Maintenance module is available only to members and providers with certification.